Working with Printers

Hot Designs can work directly with your printer, or a recommend printer for your specific project. Hot Designs is not affiliated with any printers, the scope of project determines the best outsource for the job. Since online printers offer such a great product at reasonable prices, these are mostly used by Hot Designs. Press checks are extremely rare if not extinct from my own project list.

Hot Designs can order your print job for you

If you prefer to have Hot Designs handle everything from ordering to file uploading and final approval, no problem. This is an out-of-pocket cost for printing directly to you the client with no percentage upcharge, rather a small charge of $25 is added to the project for sourcing time plus all ordering and final approval time. Online printing company sites can be confusing, this can be very useful.

Managing your own print jobs

If you choose to manage your own print order, final print files can be turned over to you, or preferably directly to the printer. It’s best to have direct access to the printer for communication about the files to make sure all technical issues are addressed and the job comes out as intended. Especially on larger projects but really on most projects it’s best to involve the designer through the printing process.


chili-tinyHOT TIP  Online printers have great pricing on four color projects. They are able to gang large projects for major cost efficiency. The quality and papers are great for the price.

Here are some of the online printers I use with links to their sites: