Clients coming to me about a website for the first time are in two categories, first one is they need all new everything, domain name, hosting, design, training, the whole shebang. No problem.

The second category is the one I want to talk about here, the folks who already have a website. There are many reasons why people with existing sites need help:  there are issues with it (design, colors, bad photos, broken links, broken plugins due to updating or not updating) or relationship with previous agency ended for whatever reason. These can be broken down into micro sections.

Hot Designs can pick up where your previous designer left off, patch up a few design or navigational issues, add social media plug-ins or other features, or start from scratch. Wherever you are in the proccess.

If you are hesitating about calling someone new because you’ve had less-than-fantastic experiences in the past, I have worked with every kind of imaginable pre-existing problem and resurrected websites to much satisfaction of my clients.

Whatever the case is, it won’t cost anything to call with a quick rundown of your situation and get an honest projection of what it will take to fix, tweak, enhance, update or overhaul your site if it’s already in existence. Contact me here or call 724-542-4400. Beyond just the structure and build, I look at everything design related also, from the navigation (which is part of the design itself), color palette and image, quality of the content, missed opportunities (i.e.: social media connection), and much more, depending on just how much you want me to dive into it.

Here is one sample of a website that was really not that extensive overall to fix, though the impact from navigational issues was very confusing and they really needed nice large photos of completed projects. For a relatively small amount of effort, this site was brought up to date in the backend. A photo gallery was created which can be easily expanded, and the site was completely combed and tweaked, so that the clients could take the next step in marketing.