Welcome to my very first blog. As I run across information that is useful to clients, usually after answering the same question many times, I will post articles here on my blog about them. Technology is rapidly changing and it can be hard to follow.

About the title of this blog. Well when I first started to freelance, there was no internet. (insert dinosaur jokes here) Certain things were a little harder. And more expensive. And took longer. Later as the internet was still in its childhood stages, I was still working mostly on printed pieces, logos and so forth, and occasionally a “banner ad” for those just trying to get a presence on someone else’s website. No one really had their own. Getting a physical draft of work to the client took as much effort as doing the work itself. It was tedious and expensive, requiring a larger format printer with costly ink, 11×17 paper, spray mount, xacto knives, sometimes bristol board, large envelopes and a FedEx account (or equivalent). That’s right, we had to print those things out, put them in the package, go to a drop off location and wait for it to get there, before calling the client for the feedback. Or we took half the day driving to the client and presenting the thing in person.

Then as emails and the internet became more prevalent, more and more people got themselves an email address. Sure it was with the bug-filled AOL (not LOL which comes from a newly invented language) but it was still convenient for some things. The invention of email is in my view, the NUMBER 1 most important tool for someone being able to work from home instead of driving back and forth to work or to clients’ offices. You could send a jpg to someone, but even then, if they didn’t have the software what good was it. Emails alone were only part of the solution.

But when you added the next most important tool ever created, NUMBER 2, the simple yet powerful PDF (portable document format), now you had what you needed to stay at home, save time, gas and all of that physical mocking up of brochures and running around! (hear angels singing  – and I can’t begin to say how fantastic it is now, to work live on websites, tell a client to refresh while you have them on the phone, and the work is instantly done. That is a whole different subject.)

That’s right, if it weren’t for emails and that brilliant piece of software, the PDF, we’d all still be lugging our behinds and projects to the drop off locations, or for those of us still working at agencies … chasing the drivers out the door with our freshly sprayed boards as they try to leave on schedule, but now have to wait for us to finish stuffing our product into the envelopes. (I’ve seen some really mad drivers)

And further back … so I’m really aging myself here, but when I went to college and majored in advertising and fine art, let’s just say we had things like pantone paper sheets, press type, protractors and dividers. No clouds, servers or hosting plans. The tools of our trade were real, tangible things you carted back and forth to class with you. We carried them in fishing tackle boxes and portfolio cases.

In conclusion, everything has changed. I’ll try and help you keep up with it, give you some tips and tricks, share my knowledge, and give thanks to NUMBER 1 and NUMBER 2 often!  I’m still talking about Emails and PDFs.