I designed a new .html website for Out of the Fire Cafe back in around 2008, biP (that’s before iPhones, or at least before they became the thing that took over our lives) and the site was doing very well for the restaurant. However as the iphones took over the world, it became more important to pay attention. So we gave the site a whole new look. It was time, sites need a makeover more frequently now. We made it responsive for phones. Gone is the day of stagnant sites. They have weekly features and need frequent access to make changes.

Time for new photos! I visited the restaurant frequently to take new photos and put them together with our growing collection. We hope to give the great impression that the cafe gives in person. Situated in a prime location overlooking the Laurel Ridge, the casual atmosphere, fresh features and delicious food draws people from far and wide. It’s more than just dinner, it’s an experience.