HEARTH has been a client of Hot Designs for over 10 years. It began with cleaning up an old website design. As many new clients aren’t sure how things are going to work out with someone new, we started with just some cleanup of the site, then some more extensive design tweaks to fix the layout which needed it badly. For many years I completely maintained that site.

Since then, I have been hired to design just about everything HEARTH uses for their marketing; event logos and all corresponding pieces, brochures, and more. Ten years doesn’t seem long, until you put it into “internet years.” Things changed so quickly that we had to keep up and create a mobile site that the client could get into on their own and maintain it without breaking it.

In 2016 we launched a brand new WordPress site, completely changed from the original site. They love the site, are keeping it up on their  own, and are very happy with the new scenario.