A Head of the Times is located in Pittsburgh, PA. This was a site that just needed a facelift, new photos, organization and a fresher look to it. The domain name was also an issue with this one, since the first company to design it was a larger phone company who owned the name and didn’t make changes to it when asked. There was also a limit to one page, the home page. It was very expensive to customize or add anything else to it, so after looking at the situation I suggested we buy a similar domain name (aheadofthetimespgh.com) and recreate a separate site that we could control.

We kept up the other one page page site also (http://aheadofthetimespittsburgh.com) since it’s part of a phone package, but I sent graphics for the home page so that it would match our new existing site. We kept the cost low since they are paying for both, and they are happy with the new look and the control over the content now. It was done BiP (before iPhones took over the world) so it is an .html site.